Thanksgiving at HealthPark

rockcreekOur lives seem to get busier every year. I grew up in Tipp during a quieter time when it was easier to slow down to reflect on the year and what we have done to improve the lives of those around us.

I don’t thank my staff and the dentists who help me often enough. We work so well together, they can sense what’s needed without being told and always with a smile. My vision that guides our actions is “Helping People Help Themselves”. When we all care less about our needs and more about helping you,  then working together every day to focus on serving all your needs (emotional as well as technical) becomes our gift to you and your appreciation is our wonderful reward.

So many of you comment on our smiles, laughter, and obvious enjoyment in serving you. Sometimes the staff will have a bad day, but you’ll never know it. They know you always deserve the best from us.

Most of all we are thankful that you have chosen us to provide your dental needs and all you do to make HealthPark the place we are so proud of.

Thanks for coming into our office smiling,

Thanks for trying to always be on time for your appointments.

Thanks for being patient when an emergency causes us to be late.

Thanks for being our friend and trusting your dental care to us.

Thanks for sending your family and friends to us.

Thanks for leaving our office and saying nice things about us to your friends.

So that we can spend a few days focused on our family and friends, HealthPark will be closed from Thanksgiving until we return on Monday.

– Dr. Charles Smith

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