Tooth Uncovery

Bring down a tooth for Ortho treatment

Canine teeth (“eye teeth”) often develop in the wrong position and so fail to erupt into the mouth. When you’re looking at your child’s smile, you may wonder – where is this tooth? If your child is in braces, you may be waiting for these canines to come in so they can be included in the braces treatment. Usually, the unerupted canine tooth is in the roof of the mouth or it may be positioned on the other side of the teeth, beneath the upper lip. To get this tooth moving, Dr. Hamal can do a tooth uncovery (tooth exposure) procedure to solve the problem. This is one of the great things about having orthodontic treatment at HealthPark Dentistry because our orthodontist and periodontist can easily cooperate together for the benefit of our patients.


A tooth uncovery is a simple procedure. After the child is comfortable with laughing gas or topical anesthetic, Dr. Hamal, Periodontist will expose the tooth surgically. This takes less than 15 minutes. Next, the orthodontist will bond a metal bracket and chain to this tooth. Using this chain, Dr. Khan will slowly pull this tooth into position. It’s actually an amazing procedure for how simple it is.

Sample of before and after an Uncovery Procedure

before uncoveryafter uncovery

In order for the orthodontist to be able to move the canine tooth into the mouth with braces, it will first be necessary to expose the tooth surgically and bond a metal bracket and chain to the tooth. The orthodontist will then attach the chain to a brace and slowly pull the tooth into position.



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