Braces for Youth

Initial exam as young as age 7

More than 70 % of the time a child’s jaws are developing normally, but the teeth are crooked or crowded. Braces starting at age 12 will give a nice result.

However, when jaw relationship is abnormal, our general dentists will catch this early (approximately age 7) and refer your child to our orthodontist. He will be looking for:

  1. Thumb sucking or tongue thrust swallowing
  2. Swollen tonsil and adenoids that lead to a narrow airway, narrow dental arches, and mouth breathing
  3. Snoring or mouth breathing
  4. A bad bite
  5. Poorly developing jaws
  6. Headaches, clenching/grinding, speech problems

In this early phase of orthodontic treatment he will remold the jaws into a normal relationship. It’s critical that these orthodontic problems be corrected as young as possible. The younger the child the more he can take advantage of your child’s normal growth to speed the correction. In fact, 90% of a child’s face is developed by 12!

Since the bones of younger children are softer, movement occurs more quickly and is usually completed in less than 1 year. Once the jaws are as close to normal as possible, we’re done with braces until the child is old enough to begin phase 2 – standard braces. Phase 2 goes much faster if the jaws are ready. So if you’re searching for Troy Ohio braces or Dayton Ohio braces to get an early start for your child, please call us.


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