Many children look forward to getting braces and Dr. Khan makes it fun. With Braces Bingo, dress up contests and Facebook challenges, kids can win prizes like iPods and Visa gift cards. For parents, who want their child to have straight teeth, we offer flexible financial arrangements – we will work with you to find a way to afford the braces you want for your child. Parents are always welcome in the treatment room with their kids – and everyone is always welcome to ask questions about orthodontic treatment to make sure your braces come off on time!

Braces for Youth

As young as age 7, children can come in for a free visit to our orthodontist who will take a growth and development x-ray to see how the permanent teeth are coming in. If baby teeth seem crowded or crooked, this is a great time to start orthodontic treatment while you can catch a growth spurt and reduce the amount of orthodontic intervention needed in the future.  read more

Braces for Teens

Middle school and high school students often complete a full orthodontic treatment plan of braces in less than 2 years. You get to choose your color bands (lots of kids pick bright neon and school colors) and we teach you how to keep your braces clean so you end up with a beautiful smile.  read more

Braces for Adults

If you’re tired of covering your mouth when you smile or laugh because you’re embarrassed about your crooked teeth, Dr. Khan often provides braces for adults who decide “it’s their turn” to get a beautiful smile. He can give you several choices from invisalign to traditional braces to limited treatment to just straighten your top front teeth.  read more


Without bands, brackets or wires, Invisalign is a virtually invisible way to get the straight teeth you want. Beyond the appearance of invisalign, another major benefit is how easy it is to keep your teeth clean during treatment. Just take out your retainer and brush and floss normally.  read more

Fun Contests

Have fun with us! Dr. Khan sponsors a variety of contests and the classic Braces Bingo game where kids can earn a spin for having a good ortho checkup, for getting your teeth cleaned, even for good grades on your report card. Once you win Bingo for across, down or 4 corners – you win a prize! read more

Second Opinions

If you bring your x-ray with you, we’d be glad to offer you a second opinion based on our conservative, evidence based, minimally invasive approach. We’ll discuss the difference between elective and necessary treatment choices. We always try to preserve natural tooth structure where possible. read more

Special Care for Developmentally Disabled

Our entire clinical team has received training to work with special needs dental clients. Our dentists and hygienists understand the challenges for children and adults dealing with limitations in dexterity which can make it difficult to hold a regular toothbrush and floss. Just share your concerns and we’ll work with you to find solutions. read more

TMJ Solutions

If you get headaches and experience jaw pain when you wake in the morning, you may have tried several medical specialists to relieve your pain with little success. In cases where this jaw pain is caused by clenching and grinding your teeth, you’ll be looking for a dentist to solve the problem. We can help. read more

Teeth Whitening

The quality of a great smile has significant impact on the lives of most people. Studies show that people with beautiful smiles look thinner, younger and more successful. They also tend to have higher income and greater self-esteem. Teeth Whitening can not only fix your smile but improve your life. read more

Gum Disease Treatments

Up to the age of 40 the primary cause of tooth loss is decay, after 40 it’s gum disease. Periodontal gum disease, if caught in its early stages can be controlled and tooth loss avoided. HealthPark Dentistry offers a variety of treatments for gum disease. read more


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