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Stop those headaches

If you get headaches and experience jaw pain when you wake in the morning, you may have tried several medical specialists to relieve your pain with little success.

In cases where this jaw pain is caused by clenching and grinding your teeth, you’ll be looking for a dentist to solve the problem. If you think you might have a problem with clenching & grinding your teeth, Dr. Smith provides a TMJ exam to help diagnose the severity of the problem for people searching for TMJ Troy Oh and TMJ Dayton Oh area.

90% of the time, he can coach you to eliminate your pain by using exercises and establishing new habits. To protect your teeth from heavy wear at night (and reduce your morning headaches!) Dr. Smith can make you a custom-fit bite splint.

Unsure if it’s really TMJ?

Click on our TMJ treatment questionnaire. Dr. Smith wrote this questionnaire to help you decide if you might need him to help you. As you answer the questions, look for a pattern to your answers. Many questions will be difficult to answer – that’s okay! Just leave these blank and focus on the questions that you know the answer to.
TMJ Questionnaire 

TMJ Treatment

Dr. Smith provides our TMJ treatment

I was always fearful of dentists, but you set my fears aside. Thanks for that. You fixed my smile and added to my life. You were patient & kind. I will never forget the help that I received!


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