Root Canal

Stop your Pain

When the nerve in your tooth is injured by a blow or decay, bacteria can set up an infection in the space in the center of the tooth. This bacterial infection and your body’s attempt to fight this infection is what causes the pain. You can eliminate this abscess by either extracting the tooth or having a root canal.

Keeping you Comfortable

Everyone has heard the comedian’s jokes about root canals, but with today’s technology, we can keep you comfortable. We will prescribe medication before your appointment to stop the pain in the teeth. During your visit, we use both topical and local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. You can also have laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and watch a movie to forget where you are!

Our Warranty

Occasionally, an infection can recur in a root canal treated tooth. For 3 years following the date of your root canal treatment, if more root canal treatment is needed, we will provide this care up to the fee you paid at no further cost you, as long as you properly protect the crown of the tooth and return for your regular cleaning and checkups at the recommended intervals. So if you’re needing a root canal in Troy or Dayton OH, please call us.


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