Gum Disease Treatments

Save your natural teeth

Up to the age of 40 the primary cause of tooth loss is decay, after 40 it’s gum disease. Periodontal gum disease, if caught in its early stages can be controlled and tooth loss avoided.

Watch for these signs: decay, loosening teeth, pus, bad breath bleeding gums or swollen discolored gums. If you have any of these call us so one of our general dentists can perform a thorough exam. At this exam, your dentist will learn your concerns and perform a thorough exam, he will discuss your problems, your treatment options, fees, and any other concerns you have.

Risk factors with gum disease

Periodontal Disease.Many people will just decide that since their gums don’t hurt, they’ll just ignore the periodontal disease. This is a bad idea. This untreated bacterial infection will pump this infection through your bloodstream to the rest of your body. Over time this constant infection can lead to:

  • Heart attack/stroke
  • Premature births
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory ailments

The good news is that, caught early enough, you can cure your periodontitis infection without gum surgery. You’ll begin with one of our hygienists who will help you learn how to control your gum disease. Next, in a series of appointments she will thoroughly clean your teeth and smooth the exposed roots of your teeth. Finally, 3 months after she’s finished your appointments, she will have you back to reclean your teeth and check your healing.

Usually, Dr. Hamal, our gum specialist, will check your healing at this 3 month appointment. As long as your pockets between your gums and teeth are shrinking, we will continue to monitor your success at each cleaning. If some areas don’t heal properly, we will recommend an antibiotic be placed in the diseased pocket. Again, we’ll wait until your next three month cleaning and reevaluate. If the pocket hasn’t healed, Dr. Hamal can discuss surgically treating these areas to reduce the chances of further bone loss and eventual tooth loss. If you’re searching for gingivitis Troy Oh, periodontal disease Troy Oh, gingivitis Dayton Oh or periodontal disease Dayton Oh please call us for an appointment to help.


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