Crowns & Bridges

Crown vs. Filling

When part of a tooth breaks, some dentists automatically diagnose a crown. At HealthPark we know your first thought will be a “Will a filling work so I can avoid the trouble and expense of a crown?” We’ll show you an x-ray and a picture of your tooth so we can easily discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

Although fillings are usually a better choice than crowns (less expensive, conserves tooth, quicker to place), there are several advantage for tooth crowns:


  1. The filling can break, causing you to go through another appointment and having the expense again. The larger the filling, the weaker the tooth and the greater chance the filling or tooth will break. While a crown will strengthen a weak tooth and last much longer.
  2. It looks like a natural tooth – we match the shade to meet your satisfaction.

Although all general dentists offer fillings, crowns and bonding, another piece of our Award Winning approach is our limited 3 year warranty. We believe that any restoration we provide should last more than 3 years; if it doesn’t, it will be replaced at no fee. This way we avoid, for example, the discussion between us that the failed restoration was because of something you did or something we did and who should pay for it. We all want the same thing – a trouble free restoration. In our experience, a crown that lasts 3 years will last many more in a healthy mouth.

Bonding Front Teeth

A very attractive and conservative approach to improving your smile is bonded porcelain or plastic. Only the outer 1 – .5 mm of your teeth that embarrass you are removed. Then a facing is constructed by the lab (porcelain) or by us (plastic). If we’re doing porcelain, there are 2 appointments. During the first appointment the tooth is prepared and a temporary plastic facing is made. Next, after the lab makes your facing, we’ll bring you back, remove your temporary plastic facings and place your new smile. Click on our brochure to learn more about cosmetic dentistry.


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