General Dentistry

Health Park Dentistry provides a modern facility equipped with the latest technology in dental care. But it is our experienced doctors and caring staff that truly set us apart. Dr. Smith and Dr. Holland provide all general dentistry services at Health Park Dentistry. From routine dental care to after-hours emergency procedures, we provide a comprehensive array of dental services that include:

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Millions of Americans and those trying to sleep near them, have a snoring problem. While many believe snoring is a noisy and harmless condition, it could be a warning sign of sleep apnea. An estimated 18 million Americans have this problem and only 2 million have been treated. Let us help you and your spouse get a good night’s sleep.. read more

Root Canal

When the nerve in your tooth is injured by a blow or decay, bacteria can set up an infection in the space in the center of the tooth. This bacterial infection and your body’s attempt to fight this infection is what causes the pain. You can eliminate this abscess by either extracting the tooth or having a root canal. read more


No one wants to smile and show missing teeth or try to chew with loose, painful appliances. Whether you’re getting complete dentures, partial dentures, a fixed bridge or dental implant, HealthPark Dentistry . read more

Emergency Care

On top of our extensive hours, our dentists provide their home and cell phone numbers that you can reach in case of an after hours emergency. When you have a dentistry emergency during office hours, our goal is to see you within 2-4 hours.  Even if you have never been to our practice, we believe in helping people get out of dental pain quickly – and we will help you. read more

Crowns & Bridges

When part of a tooth breaks, some dentists automatically diagnose a crown. At HealthPark we know your first thought will be a “Will a filling work so I can avoid the trouble and expense of a crown?” We’ll show you an x-ray and a picture of your tooth so we can easily discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. read more

Second Opinions

If you bring your x-ray with you, we’d be glad to offer you a second opinion based on our conservative, evidence based, minimally invasive approach. We’ll discuss the difference between elective and necessary treatment choices. We always try to preserve natural tooth structure where possible. read more

Special Care for Developmentally Disabled

Our entire clinical team has received training to work with special needs dental clients. Our dentists and hygienists understand the challenges for children and adults dealing with limitations in dexterity which can make it difficult to hold a regular toothbrush and floss. Just share your concerns and we’ll work with you to find solutions. read more

TMJ Solutions

If you get headaches and experience jaw pain when you wake in the morning, you may have tried several medical specialists to relieve your pain with little success. In cases where this jaw pain is caused by clenching and grinding your teeth, you’ll be looking for a dentist to solve the problem. We can help. read more

Teeth Whitening

The quality of a great smile has significant impact on the lives of most people. Studies show that people with beautiful smiles look thinner, younger and more successful. They also tend to have higher income and greater self-esteem. Teeth Whitening can not only fix your smile but improve your life. read more

Gum Disease Treatments

Up to the age of 40 the primary cause of tooth loss is decay, after 40 it’s gum disease. Periodontal gum disease, if caught in its early stages can be controlled and tooth loss avoided. HealthPark Dentistry offers a variety of treatments for gum disease. read more