With his specialty training in orthodontics, Dr. Khan provides orthodontic treatment for children as young as age 7, where parents can catch a child’s growth spurt and avoid the need to extract teeth by instead expanding the jaw through appliance therapy. He also offers traditional and Invisalign braces for teens and adults, where treatment can be completed in 1-2 years. For adults just wanting to straighten their top front teeth, he also offers limited orthodontic treatment that can be completed in just six months.

Dr. Jameel Khan

For many families, cost is a major concern. Dr. Khan understands this and offers a free initial exam plus flexible payment arrangements so that everyone who wants straight teeth can have the beautiful smile they dream of. On top of flexible financial arrangements, Dr. Khan can help you to stay healthy during the time you are wearing braces. It can be tough to keep teeth clean when you’re brushing around wires and brackets, so Dr. Khan coordinates with our hygienist team to teach our patients techniques that really work and we communicate with families to make sure that when you get your braces off, you have the beautiful smile you desire.  read more