Office Staff

You know how a secretary sets the tone for your experience in a doctor’s office? Sometimes people think, “I love this dentist, but his secretary is so difficult to deal with, that it’s just not worth it.” You want the office staff to listen to your needs, to make scheduling easy and convenient and to help you get the most out of your dental benefits plan.

Here at HealthPark – we do all that and more.

Our highly trained administrative team offers:

  • Scheduling for all general dentists and specialists – in just one phone call we can schedule all your appointments for your entire family
  • Customized financial arrangements – we work with you to find a payment situation that you can afford – and we do it in a confidential setting where we protect your privacy
  • Detailed understanding of dental insurance – we help you make the most of your benefits, but give you choices so you decide what treatment your family deserves.
  • Specialist support – each of us coordinates for a specialist here at HealthPark, so if you have more detailed questions about pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, gum treatments, or even wisdom teeth we can help you get the answers you need
  • Friendly, positive attitudes – we are trained in customer service and problem solving and we understand
    that you could use some help in your busy schedule to get the dental answers you need. Just ask us – we can help!

We understand your busy schedule – and we work to be convenient for you. With our range of specialists all in one location, we hear all the time “it’s just so nice to come to one place where everything can be done.” You can bring all your kids in at one time to get their dental cleaning and exam – and you can schedule an orthodontic visit right before your dental cleaning – one trip for all your needs. Since our different specialists are here on different days, we work to schedule appointments that save you time.

Not only do you need to make good health care decisions for your family, you also need to manage your finances. We understand that dentistry is an investment and we can help you set up a financial arrangement that you can afford. You deserve to receive an estimate in advance of any dental treatment so you know how much your dental care will cost. If you have dental insurance, you get to choose if you want to go off our best guess on what they will pay, or if you would like us to send a formal pre-treatment estimate so the insurance company puts their coverage in writing to you. For your portion of the cost, you have several options:

  • Pay in full – by check to receive 5% discount or with a credit card to receive a 3% discount (these options save you the most money since we don’t have to send you bills for each separate visit)
  • Use CareCredit or Universal One financing programs – designed to spread out the cost of your dentistry while you get all your treatment done right away
  • Pay as you go – you are welcome to slow down your treatment and payments to fit your budget, you choose the amount/month – in fact, we can set up an automatic draft from your checking or savings account to take the hassle out of writing a monthly check

With these choices, you can always afford dental care here at HealthPark. We’re happy to serve Troy OH dentistry and Dayton OH dentistry patients.