Dental Hygienists


Patty Wilt, Hygienist

With her father as a dentist, Patty started in dentistry almost before she was born! With her experience teaching in California’s dental hygiene program and her background working with a variety of dental specialists, Patty is an extremely knowledgeable dental hygienist. read more




Suzanne May, Hygienist

As a child, Sue feared going to the dentist. When she was in high school she got a job in the dental clinic at Children’s Hospital and found her passion for dentistry. Over the last 30 years she has developed many long-term relationships with her patients while partnering with them to help strengthen their teeth and gums. read more




Christina Himes, Hygienist

Christy was 22 years old when she decided to become a dental hygienist. She had always enjoyed going to the dentist and how the staff at that office took a special interest in her. Christy fell in love with dentistry and building long-term relationships with her patients. read more




Glory Garrett, Hygienist

Glory started her dental career 42 years ago in the U.S. Navy as a dental assistant when she was stationed San Diego, CA.  When she moved back to Ohio she decided to become a hygienist and earned her Dental Hygiene degree from Sinclair Community College. Glory was a hygienist for a dentist in New Carlisle for 36 years. When the dentist retired she found HealthPark, and she looks forward to building relationships with her patients. read more




Crystal Artrip, Hygienist (some Saturdays)

Crystal started her career in dentistry after graduating from high school as a pediatric dental assistant for 10 years. After the birth of her son, she decided to continue her education and earned her Dental Hygiene degree from Sinclair Community College. She has worked in a family centered practice in New Carlisle since and loved meeting and getting to know the people in her community. read more




Gina Lancaster, Hygienist (some Saturdays)

Gina started her career in dentistry working at her father’s dental practice. She started as a dental assistant and went to school to learn to place fillings for patients in the early 1990s. She then earned her Dental Hygiene degree from Sinclair. On top of being a hygienist, she taught dental assisting at a local school for several years. read more




Most of our regular patients spend most of their time with a dental hygienist. Our hygienists are college trained and state board certified to clean teeth. Usually people just want to know if their hygienist is friendly or not – but there is a lot more to selecting a dental hygienist than that.

At HealthPark our hygienists are trained to help you avoid gum disease and decay so you can keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Our hygienists offer:
  • Customized preventive care training to learn how to control gum disease and decay and fit these new habits and products into your life – this training appointment includes:
    • Updating your effectiveness with brushing and flossing
    • Use & schedule for prescription strength fluoride
    • Use & schedule for prescription strength mouth rinse
    • Incorporating Xylitol-based gum & mints into your lifestyle to fight decay while you enjoy candy!
  • Dental cleanings for healthy mouths – at this 45 – 60 minute appointment, we will:
    • Thoroughly clean and polish your teeth
    • Smooth root surfaces to reduce food traps that can cause gum disease
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Blood pressure check and health history review including new medications you’re taking – Take a look at the unique checklist we created for our hygienists review with you at each recare cleaning appointment
  • Gum disease treatments to avoid gum surgery and tooth loss
    • Measure every tooth for gum disease and bone loss – to accurately determine any advancement of gum disease and identify the techniques and products to control it
    • Document your success at using our preventive care techniques
    • Provide local anesthetic, laughing gas (nitrous oxide), topical anesthetic and numbing spray to keep you comfortable during these visits
    • Use prescription medications to speed healing and avoid gum surgery

The healthier you are, the less treatment (and cost) you need. Each time you have your teeth cleaned, we’ll suggest a level of care and discuss with you how you can move up to the next level. We have identified 4 levels of dental health you can review in this brochure:

Control Gum Disease NowControl Gum Disease Now

Please review the background and qualifications of our hygienists. When you contact us, you may choose which hygienist you prefer to work with.