A high quality dentist is a given at HealthPark. Our specialists and general dentists, who are heavily involved in continuing education, keep us on the cutting edge of modern dentistry. Alongside our excellent dentists, our clients spend much of their time with our staff. Phone contacts, appointments, billing, cleanings, chairside assistants, and  much more need to be accomplished with the same level of competence that we expect from our dentists. We are the largest and most varied group of independent dental specialists practicing together in Ohio.

Bringing this level of talent to the Troy/Tipp City area provides a variety of benefits for you: convenience – open evenings and weekends, coordinated care – everyone on the same page, one stop shopping – specialists often have face-to-face conversations with general dentists and you can ask questions! (where else can you pull dental specialists and general dentists together to answer your questions?), shared knowledge – our general dentists often review cases with specialists, referring back to general dentists – sometimes a specialist will find an area that a general dentist can take care of on the spot, long term results – even after a specialist has completed treatment s/he is still available in the future for a no fee consult, coordinated insurance benefits – prioritize your treatment to stay within your insurance maximum, and convenient financing – you can set up one financial arrangement for the whole family’s dental care.

HealthPark Dentistry - General Dentists

General Dentists

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Office Staff

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