Playing sports?

If so, as a parent, you purchased the required uniform  – the team jersey, the right shoes and padding/protection to keep your child safe from an accident or injury. How about a mouthguard to protect your child from a broken tooth?

Would you like to give your child a mouthguard just like the OSU Buckeyes?

There are 3 types of mouthguards you can choose:

  • Stock – Cost about $2 and come in small, medium and large sizes at sports stores
  • Boil & bite – Cost $5-$15 and offer a semi-custom fit by using hot water to soften the plastic and then your child biting to create the mouthguard
  • Custom – Cost $16-$30 and offer a custom fit based on a dentist’s impression of your child’s teeth

At HealthPark Dentistry, we recommend a custom mouthguard, which costs $17.

For the team

If your child is playing sports, we know how busy your family’s schedule is – running to work, school, activities and practice – so we want to make it easy on you for your child to get the mouthguard they need. We will work with coaches to schedule a convenient time where the whole team can come to the dentist and get their impressions at the same time.  In only 15 minutes, we can make an impression of your child’s teeth and then we will provide all the mouthguards to your child’s coach at the next practice! Quick & easy.


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