Dr. Smith’s Blog: The Problem with Dental Insurance

The Problem with Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance gets more confusing every year. The biggest problem is that insurance companies are in business to make money. That means they have to take in more money than they pay out. On average, for every $100 you pay in premiums, the insurance company pays out about $75 in benefits. Your other $25 goes to pay their overhead (salaries, very nice big buildings, and all other expenses). The reason people buy insurance is to avoid paying thousands of dollars if a serious dental problem occurs. Again, the company protects itself by setting deductibles, exclusions, and annual maximums that limit your coverage so much that you still personally pay most of our fees for any significant problem. As if that isn’t bad enough, the company counts on 30-40% of those who pay for coverage to not use any of their coverage in any given year. Worse than that, most of their policy holders do not use their entire benefit (that they paid for). Since the patients’ premium cost is hidden in their payroll deduction, you do not even realize you are losing even more of your money.

HealthPark’s In-House Dental Plan

Several years ago I became so upset with the insurance companies that I set up a “discount dental plan” to help my patients who have no insurance. My plan, that has over 200 members, eliminates the 4 main problems with dental insurance, and several others as well.

  1. Pay for benefits that you do not use in the year
    1. HealthPark’s $165 annual premium includes one annual cleaning, one set of decay x-rays, and a dentist exam. This annual appointment, along with your good home care and a low sugar diet, will mean that you should have no other dental expenses over the year, except, perhaps a second cleaning, and that cleaning (along with any other treatment you need) will be 15% off our usual fees. In fact, 80% of our 3500 re-care clients are decay free at these re-care cleaning appointments.
  2. Yearly maximums, deductibles and exclusions
    1. We have none of these! You will receive a 10-15% discount on every procedure we perform no matter the cost. Besides this, we have a limited 3 year warranty on every treatment we provide you.
  3. Forced to pay for your dental premium when you will not use it.
    1. Our plan- saves you money! Someday if you decide you want a dental benefit we will be here for you, in the meantime, you don’t have to pay for treatment you don’t use.
  4. Working with a faceless, bureaucratic insurance company when you have a problem? Long waits, misplaced claims, being told “company policy” when obviously no one cares.
    1. Instead, call or talk to any of us at HealthPark. We are here to care for you.

If you belong to a company that provides dental insurance, tell the owners about our plan. Have them contact our administrator, Dave Herbenick to learn how we can save you and your company money that you are currently wasting by belonging to one of these conventional plans.

When you actually look at what you are paying for, we are sure you will.

Dr. Chuck Smith

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