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The HealthPark Vision

“Helping People Help Themselves” has been the vision of HealthPark Dentistry since its inception almost 50 years ago. Dr. Chuck Smith and his staff decided from day one that building a good relationship with our patients was extremely important. This would create a partnership where the patients are comfortable to talk with us about what they want and what they expect of us, which would allow us to talk with them to learn their priorities. Once we know what is most important to the patient, then we can give them information on how to reach these goals. A more relaxed, friendly patient/dentist relationship built on trust would help a patient to take charge of their overall health – instead of just fixing problems.

Every staff member and dentist at HealthPark has been selected because they believe in this vision of partnering with the patient on everything we do. This is not the typical way dentistry has been practiced. We believe in treating conservatively and preventing aggressively. We not only want to fix what’s broken but want to help you to understand why it happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future. We want you be an active partner and work with us as a team as you learn to stop decay and gum disease. As you learn to avoid constant fixes, you also save a lot of money, which is very important to all our patients. You will soon feel comfortable enough with us to ask the questions that are important to you in your dental care.

Another benefit of HealthPark Dentistry is the resources we have under one roof. Along with 3 General Dentists, we have an Orthodontist (Braces), a Periodontist (Gum and Dental Implant Specialist) and 2 General dentists with extra training and experience treating our children (pediatrics) and oral surgery. It is not unusual for a general dentist and a specialist to meet together to solve a particular problem rather than you driving to one office to see a specialist and then the general dentist calling the specialist for their opinion. It is so much better if you are part of that discussion, you learn everything first hand!.

We look forward to showing you our dental vision in action and welcome you to become a part of our HealthPark family! You can go online to meet everyone and even take a self-guided tour through HealthPark. You can also stop in and we will give you a tour. We believe the more you learn about our unique approach to caring for/about you, the more you will want to join our family.

If you have any questions you can direct them to me, Dr. Holland, or anyone else on our staff in the comments section or email us. We hope you will look on us as your resource for fine, friendly dental care!

Chris Holland, D.D.S.

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