Can I Get Ebola in a Dental Office?

Probably not, but MRSA, Enterovirus 68, and even the flu are bacterially transmitted diseases that many Americans are unknowingly exposed to everyday.  When you sit in a dental chair and look around everything looks clean, but what you don’t see makes a big difference.  Ever since AIDS first surfaced in the 1970’s dentistry has gone through a revolution in infection control.  Before AIDS we did not use masks or gloves. We even used the same hand piece all day, but wiped it off with an alcohol soaked sponge. These are standards of care that clearly are not acceptable today.  So what does HealthPark do to keep you out of harm’s way?

  1. We use disposable gloves, masks, and paper/plastic products that are routinely thrown away. Our dentists and staff are well trained and throw away their disposable items every time they step away from the patient chair.
  2. When you leave the chair, the room is stripped of everything and thoroughly disinfected. This takes the staff about 10 minutes.  Our staff has strict written guidelines detailing every surface that needs to be cleaned.
  3. We also try to store as few things as possible in the operatories. Almost everything is brought in, used, and removed after you leave as a further protection.
  4. The tray containing all the instruments and disposables used for your visit is taken to a central cleaning/sterilization area where it is either thrown away or sterilized. Instruments that are not disposable are thoroughly cleaned, bagged, sealed and processed in one of our sterilizers. Every batch of instruments has a monitoring strip that lets us know the proper temperature was reached in the machine to make sure the instruments are sterile.  We recently bought two new sterilizers that even monitor themselves!  If they sense a fault they electronically contact the manufacturer who calls us to take this unit offline until the problem can be fixed.

We go to tremendous lengths to make sure you are safe from infection during your visit to HealthPark – and to make sure you do not get ebola in a dentist office. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask our dentists or staff. They have been well trained on everything we do to keep you safe. So sit back, relax, watch a movie and enjoy some nitrous oxide!

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