Are you ready to get healthy?

You Choose!

You can choose your level of dental health in 2 easy steps:

  1. Choose your team – Select the dentist and hygienist you would like to work with and the schedule that works for you
  2. Choose your first appointment – Start with a comprehensive exam to talk with a dentist and set your goals and long term plans or begin with a dental cleaning.

Step 1: Choose your team

You choose your preferred dental health team. First a dentist:

Dr. Chuck Smith                             Dr. Chris Holland

Then a hygienist:

Patty Wilt   Suzanne May   Christy Himes   Glory Garrett  Crystal Artrip  Gina Lancaster


Step 2: Choose your first appointment

Comprehensive exam and full series of x-rays (includes conference time to discuss history and treatment)  $96 for new patients (often covered 100% for most dental insurance plans).  This visit will last 1 hour & 15 minutes.


Dental cleaning and exam $140

At your appointment, your dentist will discuss his findings and recommended treatment choices. This visit lasts an hour. The dentist will also recommend how often you should return for a dental cleaning in the future. In our practice, there are 4 levels of dental health based on how often you should have your teeth cleaned:

Once a year: Our healthiest group – saving you money & time!

6-12 months: You’re doing a good job but can do better.

6 months:  You’ve had a cavity in the last 1 year and you need to improve your diet and homecare or your insurance covers a twice a year cleaning and you want to use these benefits!

Less than 6 months:  You’ve had more than 2 cavities in the last year, or you have an active infection (example diabetes) or gum disease that has destroyed bone around your teeth.

Now you’re ready – Request your first appointment

Call us at 667-2417 or request an appointment online.