Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Office

Most dentists focus on the treatment. They want to talk to you about how beautiful their treatment is or how cheap it is.

Instead, we focus on helping you get healthy,
so you don’t need future treatment!

At HealthPark Dentistry, our award-winning preventive approach is based on building relationships with our clients to help them learn how to get healthy and then year after year, avoid new dental problems, until finally they no longer get decay and their gums are healthy. Once you are healthy, the rest is easy – maintain it!

Things You Should Look For in a Dental Practice

You can feel confident you have a high quality, prevention-focused dental practice when you see the following:

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You start with a thorough exam and a full series of x-rays (18 in all)

You should spend at least ½ hour talking with the dentist about your dental background, goals and concerns followed by a thorough clinical exam.

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A complimentary follow-up conference, if significant work is necessary

If you have significant treatment needs, then you should be invited back for a ½ hour free conference where your dentist has taken the time to write up your treatment plan – outlining your goals and step by step treatment as well as the total fee for your dentistry presented by the dentist so you can ask questions and set your priorities.

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Dental cleanings and screenings

Dental cleanings should last 45 minutes if you are healthy and 60 minutes if you have gum disease. An oral cancer screening and blood pressure check should occur at every dental cleaning visit.

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Dentists perform annual peer reviews

The dentists should participate in a peer review process where they review one patient in each of the 10-15 major categories of treatment (fillings, crowns, extractions, partial/complete dentures, implants, etc.) At HealthPark, our dentists review each other’s charts, x-rays and photographs of treatment twice a year.

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Current technology and equipment

Ask if the practice uses current technology – ask if they use a Diagnodent (laser decay diagnostic tool), digital x-rays, digital shade matching equipment, online confirmation and communication system. Chances are, if they stay current with technology, they also stay current with dental techniques and products.