Careers at HealthPark Dentistry

Most dental offices work on a “star system” that revolves around the dentist. While a personable, caring, competent dentist is essential to our clients, at HealthPark we believe that surrounding our dentists with staff who have the same characteristics as the dentist is equally important.

Although excellent dentists must be present, our clients spend much of their time with our staff. Phone contacts, appointments, billing, cleanings, chair side assistants, cleaning and sterilization, and much more need to be accomplished with the same level of competence that we expect from our dentists. HealthPark doesn’t hire “9 to 5 jobbers”. Just as we focus on helping patients improve their health, we focus on staff building their careers.

Advancement and Our Commitment to Quality

We have written over 4,500 pages of staff training manuals in 9 levels. Everyone starts with level 1. When a staff member learns the first level of skills with the help of other staff and dentists, and demonstrate her understanding, she’ll take a pay raise and move to the next level of responsibilities. At best, she’ll be able to achieve 2 levels a year with consistent effort. Her career progress will be recognized with her level of achievement plaque on our “wall of honor” in our reception room and the stars (one/level) on her name tag.

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