About HealthPark Dentistry

Our dentists joined together to help you avoid decay and gum disease and keep your teeth throughout your life. In some practices, people are treated like a number and every time they go, they need more treatment. People want to keep their teeth but they’re tired of the time and money it costs to be constantly repaired.

That won’t happen at HealthPark Dentistry, where our award-winning approach solves these problems.

With 24 hour emergency care, evening and weekend hours and a focus on prevention – we promise a long term relationship based on quality care for every stage of your families’ lives. Think of us as your dental partner for life.


Founded in 1970 by Dr. Charles Smith, our vision is to “Help People Help Themselves” and with our small town, friendly, honest approach we have grown to be the largest dental practice on the north side of Dayton. read more


We are the only dental practice in the midwest to receive national accreditation from the AAAHC and the only dental practice in Ohio to be recognized for organizational excellence and quality by the Ohio Partnership for Excellence based on the Malcolm Baldrige criteria sponsored by the American Society for Quality. read more

Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Office

Our practice is unique because we help families get healthy and avoid dental treatment! Over 78% of our regular patients are decay-free at checkups, compared to the 50% national average we are used to seeing. Plus with dental specialists in our group, we share expenses and pass the savings along to you. read more

Are you ready to get healthy?

Health is not just the absence of disease, a destination.  It is a journey, a state of zesty, joyful, gusto living of your own life like a Snoopy dance. If you want to be dentally healthy, we can help you. read more

Insurance & Financing

One of the great benefits of being a client at HealthPark Dentistry is that we take care of coordinating dental benefits between all the general dentists and specialists for you. This helps you to use your dental insurance benefits wisely and take care of your whole family’s dental needs. read more

Careers at HealthPark Dentistry

We have written over 4,500 pages of staff training manuals in 9 levels. Everyone starts with level 1. When a staff member learns the first level of skills with the help of other staff and dentists, and demonstrate her understanding, they will take a pay raise and move to the next level of responsibilities. As a person’s career progress they will be recognized with their level of achievement plaque on our “wall of honor” in our reception room and the stars (one/level) on their name tag.. read more


On a regular basis we write about new developments in dentistry, ways to improve your oral health, and what’s happening at HealthPark. read more