Teeth whitening makes a big difference

Whitening Trays at HealthPark Dentistry

Laura, our dental hygienist, had a female high school student in for a visit recently. She came in after what appeared to be a long day at school. In discussing her treatment, our patient mentioned that if she could change anything about her appearance, it would be to have whiter teeth. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in her family’s budget. So, Laura gave her a free sample of our whitening trays.

Excitement was written all over our patient’s face. She eagerly listened to the instructions on how to use her trays in order to get the maximum effectiveness with her teeth whitening. As she was walking out of the treatment room at the end of the appointment, she turned and told Laura how much this whitening sample meant to her. She shared with Laura that earlier that day she had been bullied in school. Another female student criticized her appearance. It was obvious that our patient took these hurtful words to heart and now felt that by having whitening trays, she was actually excited to go to school the next day.

What a difference Laura made in the life of this patient.

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