Suzanne May, Hygienist

Alma Mater: Sinclair Community College

Family: 2 sons (Adam and Andrew)

Hobbies:  Travel, boating, hiking, running, reading, biking, trying new restaurants, spending time with family and friends.


The Most Satisfying Part of My Practice:  Building long-term relationships with the people entrusted to my care. I enjoy helping clients who have had a lot dental work (fillings, crowns, etc.) in the past learn how to stop gum disease and decay—and even, over a few years, join our 1200 healthiest patients for the rest of their lives.


Most Satisfying Case: Jeff (41 year old) had never had preventive care and had a mouth full of dental work to prove it. After spending time with me and learning how to protect his teeth and gums, he got to experience healthy gums and clean teeth  for the first time after years of build-up and stain. Nikki (20 year old) was also a patient who had never been to a dental office. As I helped her learn how to take care of her mouth and we became friends, she had come in regularly for the last 10 years– for cleanings only! No more fixes!


My Special Story:  As a child, I feared going to the dentist. In high school, I got a job at Dayton Children’s in the dental clinic and found my passion in dentistry. My goal was to help everyone learn to love going to the dentist. While in dental hygiene school, I developed the skills to show my patients how to strengthen their teeth and gums to avoid all the pain and expense of continually repairing their mouth.