Pediatric Dentistry

We make dentistry fun for kids! With No Decay Clubs, x-boxes and movies in every room we have a positive, energetic way of teaching brushing, flossing and using fluoride so your family can avoid cavities. Dr. Mason, the only Pediatric Dentist in Miami County, helps children with significant dental treatment needs by offering a variety of sedation options, so your child can relax through treatment and not be afraid to come back to the dentist.

No Decay Club

Tooth decay is completely preventable – and we can help coach your family on how to brush and floss properly so your child never has to get a cavity! Using stuffed animals with teeth and well-trained staff, kids get hands-on training and rewards for keeping their teeth clean. read more

Dental Sealants

Clinically proven to protect children’s teeth from cavities, dental sealants are inexpensive, quick and easy to place. Placing dental sealants on back teeth is one of the easiest ways to protect your child from getting tooth decay.  read more


Some children are born “tongue-tied” meaning that they have an extra strong or pronounced tissue on the top or bottom connecting their lip & gums. This can make it difficult to speak and can cause a space to develop between the front teeth. It’s a simple 15 minute treatment to resolve this problem.  read more

Sedation Options

For children that need significant treatment and very young children, Dr. Mason offers a variety of sedation options. He doesn’t believe in holding children down to get treatment accomplished – that just makes kids terrified and they will refuse to return to the dentist! We offer laughing gas, IV sedation in office and even hospital treatment.  read more


If your child is playing sports – football, soccer, basketball, hockey, really – any sport! then you may want to complete their uniform by adding a custom mouthguard. Fitted exactly to your child’s teeth, a mouthguard protects teeth and gums from scary, painful sports accidents. Plus, ours are very inexpensive.  read more

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Every year, our whole practice encourages children to turn in their extra Halloween candy and earn $1 per pound. This saves kids from eating all that candy, plus we send the candy to the military troops, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Last year, a group of LT Ball girl scouts gathered over 100 pounds of candy!  read more

Special Care for Developmentally Disabled

Our entire clinical team has received training to work with special needs dental clients. Our dentists and hygienists understand the challenges for children and adults dealing with limitations in dexterity which can make it difficult to hold a regular toothbrush and floss. Just share your concerns and we’ll work with you to find solutions. read more

School Visits

For February Dental Health month, many preschool and elementary teachers like to invite dental professionals into the classroom to teach their children. Our pediatric dental team brings stuffed animals with teeth, gloves, masks and a fun presentation to share with kids.  read more