Special Care for Developmentally Disabled

Special training

Our entire clinical team has received training to work with special needs dental clients. Our dentists and hygienists understand the challenges for children and adults dealing with limitations in dexterity which can make it difficult to hold a regular toothbrush and floss. We provide creative solutions to dental challenges – electric toothbrushes, long handled flossers, even bicycle handles on manual toothbrushes, just share your concerns and we’ll work with you to find solutions.


recently a publication for parents of autistic children published an article about the struggles these children and parents deal with in finding a practice equipped to both deal with the anxiety issues these children face, and to offer options like sedation and gas, etc to make the visit tolerable (for all involved). i cannot say enough about HEALTHPARK DENTISTRY in this regard. when my son was about 2-3 years old, we visited 3 dentists trying to find a good “fit” for him. i heard about healthpark dentistry, and from the first visit, i knew this was the right choice for us! a low-stress environment, activities to distract, optional sedation and gas- my/our every need was seen to. from a very anxious autistic boy to a nearly 16 year old with BRACES to boot- thank you so much! HEALTHPARK DENTISTRY is much more than a dentist office to me- a valuable team member to our family. if you ever need me to help market to this special population that you guys obviously have the knack for, let me know. forever grateful – Angela, Troy, OH

Team of Specialists

Dr. Khan, our orthodontist, has experience working with special needs patients and welcomes patients into orthodontic treatment. The benefit of orthodontics goes beyond achieving straight teeth, when teeth fit together properly they are easier to keep clean and avoid a lifetime of decay and gum problems. Dr. Hamal, our periodontist, is always available to help with gum surgery needs – her kind and caring demeanor puts everyone at ease.


For over 10 years, our hygienists have visited Riverside RT Industries adults to review dental health skills. Our team reviews brushing and flossing techniques and quizzes the group on nutrition to confirm which are healthy food choices and which foods are not so healthy. Bringing our “sugar bugs” and props, this fun visit gives an opportunity for our hygienist team to reconnect with Riverside adults and support staff so HealthPark can be a resource for this organization.

Conservative Care

One of the great things about HealthPark Dentistry is that our dentists provide conservative, minimally-invasive dental care. We understand that families are concerned about dental health and managing finances. You’re always welcome to ask questions about our treatment recommendations and ask for alternatives. With dental specialists and general dentists working together, you will receive the most dental treatment options available.