Second Opinions

Gain Confidence

By now, I’m sure you realize HealthPark’s Award winning approach is very different from what you’ve experienced in the past. If you bring your x-ray with you, we’d be glad to offer you a second opinion based on our conservative, evidence based, minimally invasive approach. We’ll discuss the difference between elective and necessary treatment choices. We always try to preserve natural tooth structure where possible.

Team of Specialists

Sometimes a dental problem is more than a general dentist can solve alone. That’s why we offer a team of general dentists and specialists, working together, who can solve almost any dental challenge! If you have been suffering from a dental problem that your general dentist cannot resolve, give us a call to schedule a visit with our team.

Tooth Decay

Many dentists are constantly repairing teeth. Fill small areas of decay before they get bigger. Replace old fillings before they wear out. Our approach is to help our patients learn to stop decay (85% of our patients are decay free at their checkups). This means fewer fillings and lower dental bills. We try to isolate and control small areas of decay, rather than cut them out – since the decay will just start over again unless you’ve learned to control your decay.

All Dentists are not the Same

We are happy to provide a second opinion for those who have questions about a proposed treatment plan. For a single tooth, we are always happy to provide this service for no fee if you bring a current x-ray of the area.

If this is a review of an extensive treatment proposal and you bring a copy of you x-rays, then for less that $75 one of our General Dentists will provide a personal consultation, thorough exam, consultation with a specialist as needed and a discussion or written report of any differences so you understand the treatment options and fees.

Minimally Invasive, Conservative Dentistry

We work to preserve natural tooth structure in order to avoid the downward spiral that occurs when you start to remove part of a tooth for a small filling that grows to a larger filling that grows to need a crown that ends up as an extraction with an expensive replacement!

We use the latest laser diagnostic tools to catch the start of the decay process and recommend prescription strength fluoride that can heal small areas of decay. With this conservative approach, our clients are often surprised at how inexpensive our treatment plans are compared to other dentists they have seen. If you’re searching for a Troy Oh dentist or Dayton Oh dentist, please give us a call.

We believe in preserving tooth structure and that teeth should last a lifetime.