Dr. Hamal, our periodontist, helps people to save their natural teeth for a lifetime by providing gum surgery and gum grafting. She helps people with braces to speed up treatment by providing a tooth uncovery procedure that encourages teeth to erupt. If you have a missing tooth, Dr. Hamal places dental implants that can be crowned or even used to anchor a slippery denture.

Dr. Rupa Hamal

I was born in Nepal and lived in several different countries while growing up. I have found that my experiences with different cultures, customs and languages have helped in treating a wide variety of patients. Throughout my professional career, I have found that I connect well with my patients and understand their needs. I am proud to be practicing at HealthPark Dentistry and I am pleased to use my skills to provide quality periodontal care for Troy OH dentistry and Dayton OH dentistry needs. If you have dental questions, you’re welcome to send me an  read more