Christy Himes, Hygienist

Areas of Practice

Gum disease treatment Teeth Whitening Dental Sealants

My Special Story: I was 22 years old when I decided to become a dental hygienist. I had always enjoyed going to the dentist and how the staff at that office took a special interest in me. I had no experience in dentistry, but I fell in love with dentistry and caring for my patients. I enjoy learning and challenging myself so I’m now working on my bachelor’s degree while working at HealthPark.


Most Satisfying Part of My Job:  I love to meet new people, and see old friends, family, and classmates. It’s exciting for me to sit with a new patient or parent to hear what their past experiences have been in dentistry, and what their goals are that I can help them achieve.  Most people I meet want to have their natural teeth all of their life with few repairs while keeping costs as low as possible. Having Dr. Hamal, our gum specialist who teaches at the Ohio State College of Dentistry, meet with HealthPark’s hygienists regularly to keep us at the top of our profession is wonderful! She sets a high standard for all of us at HealthPark!



Alma Mater:  Sinclair Community College

Hobbies: Running, painting, crochet, baking, spending time with her daughter

Family: Drew (3 year old daughter)

Special Clinical Interest:   Patients with gum disease and bone loss around their teeth.



What our patients say…

About Christy
I originally chose HealthPark because I saw your ad saying “gentle, caring, family dentistry”. After our first visit, my children were asking “When do we get to go back to the dentist?” That confirmed the fact that you really did provide “gentle, caring, family dentistry”. Now, I have been a patient for over 25 years. I brought all six of my children to HealthPark Dentistry and was always pleased with the professional and caring expertise displayed by the entire staff. Although I live in Dayton, I am more than willing to travel to Tipp City to continue receiving such excellent dental services.
—Jane in Pataskala