Dental Assistants

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Worrying that you might have to get a shot? Are you trying to wait as long as possible to avoid it?

We can help you to feel comfortable.
We are trained to talk with you to find out what your concerns are and come up with ideas that will help you relax. We help people all day long to make it through their dental visits. We want you to be successful – if you can come in and we can work together, then you can stay healthy and avoid painful treatment. We see people all the time that have waited too long to come to the dentist – and we think how we could have helped them avoid some of the treatment if they just would have come in sooner. Don’t let this happen to you! Since every dental assistant works through levels of training here at HealthPark, you can feel confident that you will be well taken care of.


We help patients:

  • Stay comfortable: Choose a movie you like, cover you with a blanket if you’re cold or hold your hand if you’re nervous
  • Become informed: We answer your treatment questions and give you handouts on every dental question you can imagine
  • Get out of pain: If you’re having a dental emergency, call the office right away, we are trained to see you right away and help the dentist to identify the problem and treatment options quickly and efficiently
  • By taking necessary x-rays: All level 3 and up dental assistants hold a current x-ray license
  • By providing preventive care coaching for children: Our entire team supports our pediatric dentists and we have been trained to help families prevent decay – in fact, over the past three years over 84% of patients who come in for a regular checkup are decay free!
  • Explain the HealthPark philosophy of conservative and minimally invasive dental care. I can help you to understand your treatment choices.

At HealthPark, when you reach training level 7, we become an EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistant). With state certification, we take a one year series of courses at Sinclair College to learn to place fillings and sealants and further develop our skills. At the end of this one year, we must pass a rigorous state board exam – both written and lab practical.

Right now, we have 2 EFDAs on staff: Sarah Iglai, Team Leader and Mallory Murray. These professionals work with Dr. Smith, Dr. Winfrey, and Dr. Holland providing the highest level assistant support available in the state of Ohio.