The Value of a Second Opinion

Last week we had a father bring in his two sons, ages 12 and 14 for a second opinion. They had been told by another dentist 7-8 fillings were needed for the boys. Dr. Pierson evaluated them and instead recommended only one filling and suggested sealants and fluoride as a preventive measure. If the cost for the smallest filling is $100, then you can imagine how pleased their father was to have brought the kids in for a second opinion! Many dentists still believe decay cannot be controlled, so they fill every tooth that has even the smallest spot of decay. However, modern research has given us a number of ways to not only stop decay, but even re-harden many of these areas. The difference for this family was 6 less fillings and a much easier dental visit!

Dr. Smith and Dr. Pierson are happy to provide a second opinion for you. If you want a second opinion on just one tooth and you bring in your current x-ray, then we provide a second opinion for free. If you would like a second opinion on an extensive treatment plan and again, you bring in your current series of x-rays, then for just $75 our general dentists will provide a thorough exam and consultation.

If you’re interested in a second opinion, please check out our page: and contact us to schedule today!

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