Gina Lancaster, Hygienist

Alma Mater:  Sinclair Community College

Hobbies:  camping, spending time with family,

working with underserved children

Family: 4 daughters and six grandchildren


My Special Story:  I started my career in dentistry working at my father’s dental practice here in the Dayton area. I started as a dental assistant and went to school to learn to place fillings for patients in the early 1990s. I enjoyed this part of dentistry and wanted to learn even more. I decided to go to hygiene school at Sinclair Community College. After many years in the ever-changing field of dentistry, I decided to further my education and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene in 2014. On top of being a hygienist, I taught dental assisting at a local school for several years. I also volunteer at a dental office in Dayton working with underserved children.


Most Satisfying Part of My Job:  I really enjoy building long-term relationships with my patients. I have practiced in dentistry for over 25 so now I get to see children of a few patients that I treated when they were children. Building a friendship with patients where they develop enough confidence in me that I can care for, and coach, them to take control of their health and become independently healthy for their lifetime makes my career in hygiene very fulfilling. Children are a special part of my career. I dedicate time during each appointment to have the children “show off” how they take care of their mouth. I can give them some pointers to help, if needed. At HealthPark, we try to involve each patient on their individual path to improved dental health!