Get Emergency Dental Help

If you’re in pain right now, just call us at 667-2417 for your emergency dental care and if it’s during normal office hours, we will offer you a same day appointment. Even if it’s after office hours, we will help you. If you leave a message on our after-hours voicemail, then our system automatically calls the general dentists to share your message. So, be sure to leave your phone number and our dentists will call you back. 

We will help you get out of pain

Here’s a comment from a Troy, Ohio patient about her dental emergency visit:

” I have to say that I have always dreaded the dentist! HealthPark Dentistry has changed that for me. Dr. Smith is the best and the staff that I had interaction with were great! Thank you for turning a lifelong fear around for me. I have been telling everyone they need to come to HealthPark Dentistry for their dental care!  I would like to send a personal thank you to Dr. Smith and the staff of HealthPark for making my ’emergency visit’ the best dental experience I have ever had. I know this sounds a little over the top, but I have been so afraid of the dentist since I was a small child. I have had several bad dental experiences and have always dreaded even exams and cleanings. That is not the case any longer. Because of your professionalism and willingness to listen to the patient, I no longer worry about or fear dental care! Thank you for the care you have extended to me and my husband (he is a patient also) we are thrilled to be patients of HealthPark!!”