Don’t Fear the Dentist – Nitrous Oxide Helps!!

X36352_1Fear of dental procedures – even cleanings – is a major reason people don’t see a dentist.  At HealthPark, we offer nitrous oxide as a simple, safe, and free way to make dental appointments relaxing.

Nitrous oxide is a combination of gases the patient breathes in during the appointment to help achieve a more relaxed environment during dental treatment. This is a completely safe, pleasant technique that can be used on almost any patient. The patient can expect to a have a calm, fuzzy, safe, and relaxed feeling when using nitrous oxide. Oxygen is administered for five minutes at the end of the appointment to ensure the patient returns to a normal feeling. They can expect to leave the office feeling the same as when they arrived for their appointment.

HealthPark is dedicated to helping our patients help themselves prevent dental disease. It is important to us to help make dental visits pleasant and provide patient comfort. The next time you come to HealthPark, ask us about using nitrous oxide during your appointment. Our dental assistant are well trained and can explain to you the benefits of using nitrous oxide to help you have an enjoyable experience. You can watch a movie, have some nitrous oxide, and relax while you have your teeth cleaned or during treatment. The time goes by quickly and you can drive home safely a few minutes after your appointment!

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