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Dentistry has become so complex that even a “super dentist” can’t do it all. At HealthPark Dentistry, each dentist has areas they focus on in their continuing education. We offer comprehensive dental care with 2 general dentists, an orthodontist, a gum specialist, a general dentist who provides oral surgery services, and a general dentist who sees children.  We strive to provide you a great experience with excellent customer service. Our employees and dentists will listen to your needs and help you achieve your goals.


     Dr. Chuck Smith                             Dr. Chris Holland                            Dr. Denny Baum

General Dentist/Owner                      General Dentist                     General Dentist – For Kids



    Dr. Rupa Hamal                                 Dr. Jameel Khan                                Dr. Brent Newby

       Periodontist                                      Orthodontist                                      Oral Surgery

                                                                                                                             Saturday Hours!

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